This actress got corona after Kanika, heard heart-wrenching

This actress got corona after Kanika, heard heart-wrenching


This actress got corona after Kanika, heard heart-wrenching The coronavirus does not seem to be subsiding yet. After the test report of singer Kanika

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This actress got corona after Kanika, heard heart-wrenching

The coronavirus does not seem to be subsiding yet. After the test report of singer Kanika Kapoor came positive, now a famous actress Debbie Mazar has been caught in the coronavirus. The actress herself has narrated her tragedy by writing posts on social media. Debbie Mazar was recently tested in which she has been found to be corona virus-positive. He has reported on his Instagram being infected with the Coronavirus.

The actress told that when she felt the symptoms of coronavirus infection in her body, she took all measures to avoid it. He told how his body got infected with this virus, due to which he is going through problems like bad mood, lung tightness, fever.

Debbie Mazar, writing a post on social media, said, ‘I got my coronavirus tested and the report came positive. I’m fine About a month ago my entire family, including my husband and my two children, complained of mild fever, headache, sore throat, body ache, and dry cough. At first, I thought it was all due to the weather but it was different. Two weeks later, on March 15, one day when I woke up to sleep, I also saw the same symptoms in me. But, body pain was very high and the fever was 102.4. I thought maybe I had flu or corona …? ‘

Actress Debbie Mazar further wrote in her post, ‘I smoked cocktails and some cigarettes in the evening the day before, I thought it was because of that. Then on 16 March, I asked a doctor friend of mine if I should get my coronavirus tested. He said no because there was no reason that caused me to get coronavirus infection. Neither did I travel abroad in the recent past nor did I come in contact with anyone who was infected with the coronavirus.

Debbie Mazar went on to say, ‘I did some crazy acts like the rest of New York people do, like I used the subway to go somewhere, went to the theater, went to the grocery store, went to the medical store, Went to the hair salon, etc. I was a mother who was preparing her house for any situation, I was collecting the rest of the items including food and drink. We were constantly watching the news and since our family is from Italy, I was very upset. My biggest problem was why schools in New York, like China, should not be closed and why there is no restriction on people going out without permission. ‘

In her Instagram post, Debbie Mazar further wrote, ‘Then a friend of mine told me that resident care in his neighborhood has a test kit. Since I wanted to avoid going to a hospital, I went to that care on March 17. First I got a flu test, the result of which was negative. After that, they tested my coronavirus. I was sent home and told to stay in quarantine until the report arrived. It takes 3 to 7 days for the report to arrive in New York, while in South Korea, the report is received in 2 hours.

Debbie Mazar told, ‘Well, today is the fifth day and I just came to know about the report. I am hoping that I have already gone through a bad phase. I feel very bad one day and very normal the other day. Today my lungs are heavy, but I am stiff. I can breathe and I am going to be fine in my house. My family is in Quarantine for 14 days. He has no symptoms. I think we all already have it, who knows? However, you guys stay in your homes. Save yourself and your loved ones. Strengthen your immune system. May God keep you all right. ‘